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General Cleaning Wet Wipes

Multi-purpose thick, soft wipes effectively disinfects while cleaning:
* Dust
* Dirt
* Finger prints
* Greasy leftovers


Leather Elements Wet Wipes

Soften leather, leaving it clean, shiny and fresh-scented.


Ideal for:
* Leather furniture
* Leather car seats
* Leather coats


Pet Food Bowls Cleaning Wet Wipes

Pet's accessories clean and hygienic.


Pet's food bowl will be nice and shining.


The easy and pleasant way to keep your best friend's accessories clean and hygienic.

Pet General Cleaning Wet Wipes

The easy and pleasant way to keep your best friend clean and hygiene.


For cleaning up pets feet after a walk, pets ears every few days and pets fur to look shiny and healthy.


Shoe Shine Wet Wipes

Clean, shine and protect your shoes from dirt and dust With just a quick wipe.


2 different formulations: sneaker/material shoes and leather shoes.


Sink & Bathtub Cleaning Wet Wipes

The easy way to keep your bathroom clean, disinfect and well scented.


A double side wipe: Abrasive on one side and soft on the other side.


Stain Remover Wet Wipes

A "first aid" solution for removing stains from cloths in an easy way.


For an easy usage at the restaurant or whenever water and soap are unavailable.


Removes fresh stains of:

Windows & Glass Cleaning Wet Wipes

Specially formulated wipes that thoroughly clean glass surfaces.


One quick wipe and the glass will shine, leaving no residue or lint.


Wooden Surface Cleaning Wet Wipes

To keep furniture and any wood surface well kept and nourished, cleans and protects from dirt and dust.
Specially formulated wipes for cleaning and protecting wood.


A thick soft wipe gently cleans the wood without scratching it.