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Range of Products

MiniPac Products® Ltd has been producing large range of wet wipe products, cosmetics and toiletries in sachets since 1969.


The company offers several categories of products. Among our products you can find:

* Pre-moistened refreshing wipes

* Cosmetic wipes

* Various skin care creams and liquids

* Personal care wipes

* Health care products

* Household solutions

* Disinfecting solutions on wipes or liquids is sachets

* Optical and computer cleaning wipes

* Pet care products

* Automotive products

and many more.


Many years of experience and high technical ability, enables us to develop new innovative products for our customers, aimed to support our well being and modern life.

All of our products can be produced under private label, or under MiniPac Products® Ltd house-brand name.


With a large range, superior quality and high standard products, We provide solutions to many aspects of everyday needs.


Facial Scrub Wipe

The "Face It" Scrub wipe incorporates a new technology, specially developed by
dermatologists, to ensure that the amount of scrub in the towelette is suitable for the skin.


Feet & Elbow Scrub Wipe

The "Feet and Elbow Scrub" is perfect for extra cleaning and refining the skin.

The abrasive side of the wipe helps to remove dry skin from feet and elbows.
Minimizes cracks and softens the skin.

General Cleaning Wet Wipes

Multi-purpose thick, soft wipes effectively disinfects while cleaning:
* Dust
* Dirt
* Finger prints
* Greasy leftovers


Glasses & Optical Devices Cleaning

A perfect solution for keeping glasses and other optical devices clean and clear.
Good for sun and optic glasses.


Ideal for shining all small glass surfaces:

* Camera lenses
* Telescope lenses
* Palm screens

Glasses & Optical Devices Cleaning

Hair Color Remover Wipe

A wet wipe with a special formulation to easily remove hair color after coloring.