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Company Profile

MiniPac Products® Ltd was founded in 1969 By Mr. Manuel Lemonsky, an experienced Magister in Pharmacy.

Today the company is directed by Emanuel's son, Mr. Mark Leshem, an Industrial Engineer and an expert in wet wipes and contract packaging for Private Labels.


The company is located in Kadima Industrial Zone, Israel.


During its first years, MiniPac Products® Ltd produced wet wipes in sachets for European Air-Lines.

Today, MiniPac Products® Ltd has expended into many other fields such as:
Cosmetics & Skin care (including make-up removers, refreshing wipes, facial scrubs, etc), Health care (Skin & surface disinfecting solutions & wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, antiseptic wipes, Alcohol gel, sun screen protection, cooling cloths, etc), Household & DIY, Office, Pet care, products for hotels and restaurants, etc.


Our sachets are available with wet wipes / towellettes, creams, powders and liquids. They are produced on the most advanced equipment available, with a capacity of approximately 60 million packs annually. 


We at MiniPac Products® Ltd are passionately committed to environmental protection, and  manufacture our products under supervised hygiene conditions, in compliance with American and European international standards, including ISO 9001:2008, GMP-ISO 22716:2007, the Israeli Ministry of Health Institute standards and ISO13485:2003 medical device.


At MiniPac Products® Ltd we offer unique solutions, tailor–made, according to our customer's requirements – private label or under Minipac's brand name:
Regular square sachets, shaped sachets, twin packs, sachet + coupon, sachets filled with a single wet wipe or a single portion dose of cream, liquid, oil or powder, plastic tubes, bottles, jars and canisters.


Our advanced machinery, innovative research and expertise, have brought us to the top of flexible packaging indestry for packaging of wipes/towelettes, liquids, oils, creams and powders.

We at MiniPac Products® Ltd do not rest on laurels, but continue to invest resources in research and machinery.


At the end of 2013, we moved to a new, spacious and modern facility located near Netania. In our new factory, a plastic tube line, jar line, bottle line and canister line have been added, for a new variety of packing options and products.


With a large range, superior quality, high standard products and competitive prices, we at MiniPac Products® Ltd can provide you with the solutions to many aspects of your everyday needs.