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Our Capabilities

Technological Abilities

Since its foundation in 1969, MiniPac Products® Ltd stands for products with high technical standards.

Qualified engineering and trained staff offer high standard products.

Our subcontracting services guarantee customized solutions. Advanced machinery, innovative research and expertise have brought us to the top of flexible packaging of wet wipes, liquids, oils, creams and powders.

Product Dimensions

We can offer any dimension of sachet and wipe/towel to suit your needs.

Shaped sachets - tailored to customers’ needs

With our unique technology we can manufacture almost any shape you wish for your product, as well as any special needs:

sachet + coupon, additional attachment of sachet to a bottle, easy cosmetic opening, bottle shape and more.

Filling Abilities

We can pack any level of viscosity from liquids to creams and pastes.

We can produce twin packs containing the same content or each one with a different content.

Wipe Material Variety

We offer all types of wipe material:

- Non woven

- Paper

- Bio-degradable materials

- Abrasive material in various levels of roughness

We can fold any format of wipe, in any consecutive dimension.

Printing Abilities

We work with the leading manufacturers of laminates, display boxes and master cartons. We suit the type of printing according to the product's definition (Flexo, Roto gravure, offset, and letter press, up to 8 colors).

Quality Control

Our quality system at MiniPac Products® Ltd is accredited to ISO 9001:2008.
The production and marketing of disinfection solutions and wipes is under the ISO 13485:2003 – Medical Device.
Our products are produced under sever quality control and hygiene conditions according to international standards, are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health and marketed worldwide.

New Product Development

You need flexibility and tailored solutions - contact us.
Innovation and quality are not simply words but the philosophy of our team.


Flexibility, short delivery time and constant contact with our customers, are some of the advantages at MiniPac Products® Ltd.

Try us!

We are the specialists for simple & complex solutions making your product a success!